Wonder School Taster

Places are now full for this taster. Please contact us at for information about Open Mornings where you can visit and see how our school works.

We are teaming up with the Wonder Inn in Manchester to launch a second one-day-a-week school. It will be called the Wonder School!

The Wonder School Taster Day – Sun 4 Sept – 10.15AM 

29 Shudehill M4 2AF

 Made to measure, part-time schooling for home educated children.

 Our school will:

• Be democratically run by the children and teachers.

• Offer Yoga and Meditation for healthy minds and bodies.

• Use topic based teaching instead of separate subjects.

• Prepare students for GCSEs.

Opening in September for children aged 10 to 13 (Key stage 3), one or two days a week. For more information about how the one day school works, click here.

 Taster Day

Open to children ages 10-13. Tasters are an opportunity to see our innovative learning programme in action and meet our dedicated, talented staff. Admission is free and a healthy organic lunch is provided by the Wonder Inn on donation basis. You just need to register below and bring a pencil case, outdoor clothes, a yoga mat and a smile. Parents are asked to stay and observe. A feedback session is held at the end of the day to share thoughts on how it went and other queries parents and children may have. We will also discuss which day works best for everyone for the one day school. It will be either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

 Lunch – Donation (Minimum £3 per head)

 Additional Info

Programme on theme of Friendship

10:15 am Arrival and welcomes.

10:30 am Start: Yoga and meditation

11:00 Ethics, language and drama: Icebreaker. Why is friendship so important? How do we make friends? What helps and hinders friendship? What is positive friendship?

11:45 am Break and snack

12:00 pm Science: Friendship in nature. How is everything interconnected? What is mutualism? What does it tell us about some relationships in nature? What can we learn from it?

12:45- 1:30 Art: Free expression of what we have learnt through paint, clay or writing. Suggestions may be given if required.

1:30-3:00  Vegan lunch and feedback with parents.