Will we have a uniform or not? You decide! Taster Sunday, 22 May.

(Photo reproduced with kind permission of Sands School.)

The Democratic School Workshop.

You decide. Will we have a uniform or not?

This is your opportunity to find your voice and make it count in the running of our school. We will learn about researching proposals for discussion, how to communicate effectively and calmly, how to listen to others and how to take decisions.

Lunchtime will be an opportunity for parents and students to give feedback and find out more about the school.

Programme for the day:

10:15…Arrival                10:30…Yoga and meditation

11:00…Introduction to Democracy. What is it? Where does this idea come form?   How does it work in our society? Which organisations are democratic and which are not? What is a democratic school? What will ours be like? How will we communicate respectfully so everybody feels comfortable about speaking up and being listened to?

11:15…In groups, prepare to study and discuss the pros and cons of having a uniform.

11:45…Elect a Chair for the meeting. How do we communicate with each other?  Try to find a consensus about decision making, if there is no consensus, take a vote.

1:00pm…Reflecting on the experience.

1:30…Vegetarian lunch provided by the Real Junk Food Project.

Feedback session with parents and children.