Who Is The Learning Community For?

Who is the learning community for?

What kind of children thrive in our community?


All kinds! Here are some examples:

Creative children who love to learn. They really enjoy being able to follow their interests, spend time doing what they love and being supported to think outside of the box.

Free-spirited children who don’t want to spend their days sitting at a desk and being told what to do. Here they love choosing what and how they will learn, and having the time and space to be themselves.

Home educated children who are looking for interaction with other children and to learn with a variety of educators.

Bright children who are frustrated in mainstream settings. These children really want to learn and not spend their time following petty rules or waiting for the teacher to deal with behavioural issues.

Sensitive children that find mainstream settings stressful. These children flourish in our small, nurturing classes, away from the pressures of crowded classrooms and assessments.

Children with mild learning difficulties. They really benefit from the small class sizes, the extra support and being genuinely listened to.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small setting with limited means. We cannot provide 1-1 support for children with SEN unless extra funding is available. In this case, please email us to discuss before booking an appointment. 

Children who have been bullied in mainstream settings. They feel accepted for who they are without having to try to fit in. They feel respected and valued by the educators and the other children.

In this short video you can see what some of our children have to say about our learning community.