We have joined EUDEC.

Hebden Bridge School is looking to build up connections and relationships with schools around Europe and has joined EUDEC, the European Democratic Edcuation Community. We hope to be able to learn from other schools’ experiences and become part of an exchange network which will benefit our children and children across the continent.

This is a link to their website:

Why do schools in democratic states have to be undemocratic and hierarchical? They don’t.
Educational science has proven: the best way to learn is by following our own curiosity and interests. In democratic schools and universities, this is just what happens. Free, self-motivated learning. Natural curiosity is not smothered, but nurtured. The result: motivated, innovative, lifelong learners.

There are two pillars of democratic education:

• Self-determined learning.
• A learning community based on equality and mutual respect.

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