We are excited to now offer Tuesdays for the senior (10-15 years old) group. Like other days, the day is composed of 3 main lessons (description below), our morning routine, a lunch break in the middle and a quick clean up and the end of the day

Our Tuesday Classes

English Learning Hacks - learning how to learn.

Whether you are learning for GCSE’s or your own pleasure, there are certain skills that are useful to master. In this lesson you will learn and practice some core skills, such as summarizing, researching, breaking down your learning to manageable tasks and how to prepare for exams.

The focus is on language skills – how to read and understand different texts, find the information you want and how to write different kind of texts. Each student will eventually decide on a learning project they are personally interested in and use these “learning hacks” to progress their own work.

Wellbeing and emotional growth – knowing oneself with Nimrod.

Following the questions: “Where do I come from?” “Who am I?” “Where do I want to go?” and “What does it mean to be ‘well’?” We will bravely continue the journey of exploring ourself and our relationships with others. During the year, we gradually create a “passport to adulthood” – marking our individual thoughts, progress and goals.

Some of the themes we look at are: my identity, friendships, role models, my strengths, dealing with conflicts, challenges, fears and ambitions.

The students are also asked what are the emotional and practical areas that they would want to grow in, and this is added to the lesson’s content.

We do our best to make this lesson a space in which we feel comfortable, non-judgmental and emotionally brave.

How to save the world? Applied Philosophy with Nimrod

The students choose issues they deeply care about. We then study them in steps. First, we start from its philosophical core, asking the deep and complicated questions. Secondly, we look at the current reality – how this issue affects us today and meet people who are facing it. Lastly, we think what do we want to do about it? We will then come up with an action plan – and carry it through!

The topics and actions are decided by the students, but to help imagine what it looks like, here are two examples:

Topic: Beauty Standards

  • Philosophy – What is beauty? The philosophy of aesthetics.
  • Reality – How beauty standers affect us, how, why and by who are they pushed? Meeting with body-positivity activists.
  • Action – Creating our own body-positive photos.

Topic: Refugees

  • Philosophy – What is a home? Who should one care for? Why do people have rights?
  • Reality – Who are the refugees coming into the UK and why? What is the policy towards them? Meeting with refugees and activists from the Calderdale Valley Sanctuary
  • Action – Creating an event to join UK Refugee Week.