The Natural World as an Extension of the Classroom

The Natural World Forms an Extension of the Classroom

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. John Muir

Using nature as a classroom gives students a hands-on learning experience, allowing them to explore their senses in the world around them. Woodland is an ideal environment as the diversity and abundance of natural resources facilitates learner-led discovery. Students formulate questions based on their direct experience, creating a vital way of learning that links to the here and now. We also hope to create a permaculture project in association with Pennine Heritage in the woods located behind our building.

Being in nature, students come into contact with the wild, allowing their instinctive nature to be present and listened to. Experiencing their union to the world around them and its interconnectedness is fundamental to realising themselves fully as human beings.

An overview of research into outdoor education by King’s College London found that children who spend time learning in natural environments “perform better in reading, mathematics, science and social studies.” (1) Exploring the natural world “makes other school subjects rich and relevant and gets apathetic students excited about learning.”

Fieldwork in the countryside, another study finds, improves long-term memory (2). Dozens of papers report sharp improvements in attention when children are exposed to wildlife and the great outdoors (3).


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