Terms and Conditions


The Learning Community

  1. The Learning Community is Hebden Bridge Learning Community acting by its board of Trustees as now or in the future constituted. The general control and management of the charity is the responsibility of the Trustees. It is assumed that a pupil will, subject to the conduct and academic ability, progress through the Learning Community.

  2. The Lead Teacher is the person appointed by the Learning Community to be responsible for the pupil and includes those to whom any of the duties of the Lead Teacher or the Learning Community have been responsibly delegated. 

  3. The Learning Community Meeting means the democratic assembly of staff and pupils acting collectively with respect to the policies, rules and regulations and general conduct of the Learning Community.

  4. The Parent/s are those who have parental responsibility for the pupil. We see parents as important partners in the children's education and communication is key to having a postive relationship with the Learning Community. Parents are encouraged to give their support and encouragement to the aims of the Learning Community and constructive crticism is always welcome.  

  5. Our Aims: The aims of the Learning Community are described on the website. We are committed to high standards of teaching and care. The Learning Community aims to provide a wide variety of academic and non-academic opportunity. Pupils learn to exercise responsibility in their own choices of activity, and in their participation in the government of the Learning Community.

  6. Changes at the Learning Community: A successful Learning Community must initiate and respond to change. The offer of a place and its acceptance are given on the basis that, in the interests of the Learning Community as a whole, reasonable changes may be made from time to time to these standard terms and conditions, to the size and location of the Learning Community, to its premises and facilities, to the academic and games curriculum and the structure and composition of classes and the way the Learning Community is run, to the rules and disciplinary framework, to the length of the Learning Community terms and the Learning Community day and to any other aspect of the Learning Community. Fee levels will be reviewed each year and there will be reasonable increases from time to time. If the ownership or legal status of the Learning Community changes, the Learning Community’s rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions will be deemed assigned to the new entity. Parents would be consulted and/or given adequate notice of any significant proposals or change of policy likely to affect the Learning Community community as a whole.

  7. The Standard Terms and Conditions We believe that these standard terms and conditions reflect the customs and practice of independent Learning Communitys for many generations. The rules about change and about notice and fees in lieu of notice and the other rules set out below are provided in good faith.  They promote the stability, forward-planning, proper resourcing and development of the Learning Community.  They help also to protect parents from increases in fees and liabilities caused by the defaults of others. Any waiver is effective only if given in writing by the Bursar personally. The Fees List, as varied from time to time, is part of these Terms and Conditions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects the statutory rights of parents.

 Care and Good Discipline 

  1. Parents’ Authority: the parents authorise the Lead Teacher while in loco parentis or acting on behalf of a pupil who has reached the age of 16, and where possible in consultation with the pupil, to take and/or authorise in good faith all decisions that safeguard and promote the pupil’s welfare. Parents give consent to such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and for providing comfort to a pupil in distress or to maintain safety and good order or in connection with the pupil’s health. The Lead Teacher may also consent on behalf of the parents to the pupil receiving emergency medical treatment including blood transfusions within the United Kingdom, general anaesthetic and operations under NHS or at a private hospital where certified by a person who is appropriately qualified, necessary for the pupil’s welfare and only when parents cannot be contacted in time. 

  2. Behaviour Policy: parents agree to follow the behaviour policy of the Learning Community.

  3. Attendance: when a pupil has been absent, the parents must tell the Lead Teacher why.

  4. The Pupils’ Health: parents must inform the Lead Teacher in writing if the pupil has or develops any known medical condition, health problem or allergy which may need special attention or if the pupil will be unable to take part in games or sporting activities or has been in contact with infectious diseases.

  5. Conduct of the Learning Community: The Lead Teacher, under the instructions of the Learning Community Meeting, is responsible for the care and good discipline of pupils while they are in the charge of the Learning Community or its staff and for the day to day running of the Learning Community and the curriculum. The Lead Teacher, under the instructions of the Learning Community Meeting, is responsible also for the imposition of any sanction including exclusion for non-payment of fees, suspension during investigation or following a breach of Learning Community discipline, and removal or expulsion under clause 6 below. The Lead Teacher is not responsible, unless negligent, for a pupil who is absent from the Learning Community in breach of Learning Community discipline.

Admission and Entry to the Learning Community

  1. a) Registration: Pupils will be considered as candidates for the admission and entry to the Learning Community when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to us and the returnable deposit fee paid. Admission and entry will be subject to the availability of a place and the pupil satisfying the admission requirements at the time. The Learning Community operates an equal opportunities policy. 

  2. b)    Offer of a Place and Deposit/s: If, in due course, a place is offered, the deposit/s are set out in the Fees List as varied from time to time. The Acceptance Deposit will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of fees or other sums due to the Learning Community on leaving. Until credited it will form part of the general funds of the Learning Community.

Fees and Extras

Items Covered: Fees cover the normal curriculum together with most books and stationery. Other items incurred by the Learning Community or the pupil may be charged as The pupil is for these purposes agent of the parents. Damage done by a pupil, other than fair wear and tear, may be separately invoiced and must be paid as an extra. 

  1. Payment of fees and extras: Each invoice must be paid before the first day of term if paying termly or the first day of the month if paying monthly. A pupil may be excluded from the Learning Community at any time when fees are unpaid and will be deemed withdrawn without notice 28 days after exclusion. (Then a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable). The Learning Community is agent only in respect of any goods and services which are supplied by a third party via the Learning Community to pupils or their parents. Fees will not be refunded or waived for an absence through sickness; or if a term is shortened or a vacation extended; or for any other cause except in the sole discretion of the Lead Teacher. 

  2. Responsibility for payment: Fees are the joint and several responsibility of each person who has signed the Acceptance Form or who has parental responsibility for the pupil or has paid any fees or has returned that pupil to the Learning Community or given instructions in relation to the pupil.

  3. Payment of fees by a third party: An agreement with a third party to pay the fees or any other sum due to the Learning Community does not release parents from any liability under these terms and conditions unless an express release has been given in writing signed by the Bursar. The Learning Community reserves the right to refuse a payment from a third party. All such payments received are accepted in good faith. 

  4. Late Payment: The right is reserved to make late payment charges composed of simple interest calculated on a daily basis at 1.5% per month, from the first day of each term, and are unpaid by the due date. It is agreed that late payment charges should reflect the commercial rates that would be applied by a financial institution in a case of unauthorised and unsecured borrowing. Such charges will be recoverable by action if presented immediately and will not be considered as payment until cleared. Any sum tendered that is less than the sum due and owing may in any event be accepted by the Learning Community on account only. The contents of clauses 4 and 5 of these terms and conditions are intended to protect those parents who pay fees on time and to safeguard the Learning Community against consequences of the defaults of others. 

  5. Instalment arrangements: An agreement by the Learning Community to accept payment of fees by standing order or direct debit or any other arrangement for payment of fees by instalments is concessionary and will cease automatically in the event of any default for 30 days or more on ceasing, the full amount of fees then due shall be payable forthwith as a debt and interest will start to accrue.

Events Requiring Notice in WritingDefinitions

Notice to be given by parents means (unless the contrary is stated in these terms and conditions) a term’s written notice addressed to and actually received by the Lead Teacher. No other notice will suffice. Notices must be hand delivered or sent by recorded or guaranteed delivery post to the Learning Community address.

Provisional Notice is valid only for the term in which it is given and only when written and accepted in writing by the Lead Teacher.

Term means the period between and including the first and last days of each Learning Community term.

A Term’s Notice means notice given before the first day of term and expiring at the end of term. Half a Term’s Notice means notice given before the first day of term expiring at half term, or notice given before half term expiring at the end of term.

Fees in Lieu (of notice) means fees in full for the term of notice at the rate that would have applied had the pupil attended and not limited to the parental contribution in the case of a bursary (except in the absolute discretion of the Lead Teacher, in consultation with the Learning Community Meeting).

Cancelling Acceptance: A full term’s fees (less deposit/s held) will be payable by the parents if, for any reason, they cancel their acceptance of a place less than a term before entry or the pupil does not join the Learning Community after a place has been accepted. Parents who withdraw giving a full term’s notice before entry will not have to pay fees in lieu but the deposit will be retained by the Learning Community. Cases of serious illness or genuine hardship may receive special consideration on written request. 

Withdrawal from the Learning Community: 

12 class weeks of written notice is required if a student is to be withdrawn from the Learning Community or a term’s fees in lieu will be due and payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice whether or not the place can be filled. The pupil’s decision to withdraw from the Learning Community shall, for these purposes, be treated as a withdrawal by the parents. Alternatively, parents can choose to pay a 6 week deposit which requires only 6 weeks of notice for withdrawal.

class weeks notice is required if a child is changing to a lower number of days per week.

In the event of a serious bad behavior students are given time to reflect on their behaviour and required to attend a meeting with the lead teacher and their parents before they can be readmitted into the Learning Community. This meeting is to show that they have learnt from their experience about what is acceptable behaviour and are ready to re-join the cohort. If the child and parent fail to come to a meeting this is a failure to abide by our behaviour policy and considered as a withdrawal of the child from the Learning Community  (see the behaviour policy).

The main reason for these rules is to ensure that we have a stable student body with no unforeseen changes as this is vitally important for the development of all the children concerned. The children themselves want to be part of a stable cohort to develop friendships and collaboration.  Furthermore, students and parents need to be committed to advancing their education at our Learning Community as a long-term project. The Learning Community also requires sufficient notice with which to plan fee levels, other resources and the curriculum. The Learning Community Year is deemed to start on 1 September in each year.

Notice by the Learning Community: The Learning Community may terminate this agreement on term’s written notice sent by ordinary post and otherwise under clauses 6 a) and b) below.

Removal and Expulsion of a Pupil


  1. a) Removal at the Request of the Learning Community: Parents may be required, during or at the end of a term, to remove the pupil, without refund of fees, temporarily or permanently from the Learning Community if, after consultation with a parent, the Learning Community meeting or the management is of the opinion that the conduct or progress of the pupil has been unsatisfactory or if the pupil, in the judgement of the management, is unwilling or unable to profit from the educational opportunities offered and in any such case removal is considered to be warranted. The Acceptance Deposit will be refunded in the event of removal from the Learning Community and fees in lieu of notice will not be charged but all outstanding fees will be payable in full.

  2. b) Expulsion: A pupil may be expelled at any time if the Learning Community Meeting or the management is reasonably satisfied that the pupil’s conduct (whether on or off Learning Community premises or in or out of term time) has been prejudicial to good order or Learning Community discipline or to the reputation of the Learning Community (see Exclusion policy). The Learning Community Meeting or the management will act fairly and in accordance with the procedures of natural justice and will not expel a pupil other than in grave circumstances. In the event of expulsion the Learning Community Meeting or management decision will need to be ratified by the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Lead teacher. There will be no refund of fees following expulsion (and all unpaid fees must be paid). The Acceptance Deposit will not be returned/credited; but fees in lieu of notice will not be charged. 

  3. c) Safe communication between parents and Learning Community staff: In the event of a breakdown of communication between parents and the Learning Community staff, for example involving bullying or harassment of staff, it may be necessary to exclude a pupil. The Board of Trustees would be responsible for such a decision. There would be no refund of fees nor of the Acceptance Deposit.

Please see our behavior policy:

https://hebdenbridgeLearning Community.co.uk/behaviour-policy/