Student Engagement Expectations

Student Engagement Expectations

We want everyone in our community to feel free, happy and comfortable, while respecting everyone’s else freedom to learn and be who they are. We asked students what we should expect from one another, and what we should do if someone does not meet those expectations. This is what we came up with:

All students who attend HBLC are expected to:

1.     Communicate kindly (do not disturb others’ learning, use appropriate and acceptable language and behavior, no bullying, be kind, no violence).

2.     Be respectful of others’ needs, boundaries, differences, beliefs and identities.

3.     Help us make the learning interesting and good for themselves. (For example: seek help if you do not understand something, find opportunities to teach yourself and others, give ideas for learning).

4.     Take a positive part in the democratic process (share your ideas and thoughts, agree to take responsibilities, be respectful to the ideas of others).


If either of the first 2 expectations are not met, this might happen: 

The opportunity to learn from what happened will be the first step. We understand that making mistakes is a key part of learning and growing up. But, if the behavior continues, we might need to take the next steps: 

  1. Discussion with the student reminding of all of the above expectations and explain that the next stage would be a formal warning.

  1. If the expectations are not met again, the student would receive a formal warning and parents informed.  

  2. If three formal warnings are given within a school year, the student will be suspended with the possibility of exclusion.  


Please note that in extreme incidents a warning may be given immediately, and in even more extreme cases, such as when the safety of people in the community was put in jeopardy, a suspension with the option of exclusion will be given.