Spanish After School Club for 6-10 year olds.

Restarting 23rd January, Wednesdays 4-5pm

An exciting and innovative approach to learning a language for children at our Spanish Club. Play, play and more play and all in Spanish! Children will learn new games that will keep them active. The teachers talk to them in Spanish all of the time and children learn the language through enjoying themselves. Sounds familiar? Didn’t we all learn English this way? Anil, who has successfully taught from primary to A level, said: “Learning languages is known to improve communication skills, empathy, self-confidence, and of course opens up the world to new experiences and understanding. Studies also show that the younger children start to learn, the better.  Free from the inhibitions of adults,  pupils are very receptive to learning a new language and pronunciation is significantly easier.” The club is held at the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge. You can do a trial class before you decide. The price for 10 weeks of classes per term is £75  for 10 classes, this can be paid as £20 initial payment and then £5 per week for the 10 weeks. Alternatively, you can pay the full sum in advance for a reduced price of £70. New students can join at any time and will be charged from when they join to the end of the term.Transfer details: Sort code: 30-90-91 Account number: 65185760 Please make the payments before the first class back on 19th September. WE ARE ON THE CHILDCARE REGISTER, JUST ASK US FOR OUR DETAILS.“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” -Plato Email us at for more information.