Safeguarding Children Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy





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Policy Agreement 

We at Hebden Bridge Learning Community having considered and reviewed the attached policy, agree to accept all the Statements, Principles and Procedures as listed in the document.

Policy ratified by the Directors.                                            

Signed Anil Sarna                                     

Date: 17/2/2016                                         Date: 17/2/2016

Ref to: Anti-bullying; Complaints Procedure; Discipline and Exclusions; Ex-offender; Health and Safety; Promoting Good Behaviour; Special Educational Needs, Child Protection.

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Ref to: Anti-bullying; Complaints Procedure; Discipline and Exclusions; Ex-offender; Health and Safety; Promoting Good Behaviour; Special Educational Needs, Child Protection.




Policy Reviews, Circulation & Informing Parents/Carers & Others


Staff Training Requirements


Safer Recruitment




Hebden Bridge Learning Community Will


Further Reading


Teaching Students about Staying Safe including E-Safety and Informing Parents/Carers and Others about our Policy/Practices.


Disclosure & Barring Service – Referrals and Disqualification by Association


Looked After Children


Private Fostering


Recognising the Signs and Symptoms of Abuse


Stages to Follow if you are Worried about a Child


How to Respond to a Disclosure or Witness Abuse


Managing Allegations Made Against the Proprietor, Trustees and/or Lead Teacher


Managing Allegations Against a Staff Member or Volunteer


Managing Allegations Against another Student


How to Refer a Disclosure to the DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING OFFICER (DSO)


Recording and Managing Confidential Information & Information Sharing


Board of Trustees


Appendix 1

Definitions and Types of Abuse

Appendix 1

A Focus on: Extremism

Appendix 1

A Focus on: Arranged Marriage

Appendix 1

A Focus on: Female Genital Mutilation

Appendix 2

Useful Contact Details

Appendix 3

Disclosure Flowchart

Appendix 4

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse

Appendix 5

Further Information

Appendix 6


Nimrod Evron


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Hebden Bridge Learning Community provides a service to children and young people and these procedures have been designed to ensure the welfare and protection of any child or young person who accesses the services we provide.

Hebden Bridge Learning Community is committed to putting in place safeguards and measures to reduce the likelihood of abuse taking place and to ensure all those involved will be treated with dignity and respect.

This policy is closely based on Ofsted’s current guidance. Ofsted’s guidance is incorporated into our policy in the interests of safeguarding.

Our policy and procedures are in accordance with locally agreed inter-agency procedures. This policy helps staff to recognise and be alert to signs of abuse and advises them on what to do if they have concerns about a student’s welfare. It explains how any instances of suspected child abuse are dealt with by the school. This policy also explains the procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse made against members of staff or volunteers, and allegations against the Lead Teacher. There are clear procedures for making a referral or notification and for the keeping of records. The Lead Teacher undertakes an annual review of the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

Our aim is to establish an ethos in which the safeguarding and welfare of our students is paramount. Students must feel safe in school at all times.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Staff and DSOs or as and when required throughout the year.

All staff, volunteers, and directors will be provided with information regarding the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures during their induction period. These will be available in writing. Staff will be provided with opportunity to discuss safeguarding issues during their supervision and appraisal as well as at weekly staff meetings.

It may be appropriate to involve the students at Hebden Bridge Learning Community in the review and parents/carers need to be informed of any significant changes. In relation to parents/carers, the school will ensure that their attention is drawn to any changes on the school’s website. The Lead Teacher will ensure that the school’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy is reviewed and updated accordingly and that an up to date policy is available for parents/carers and others on the school’s website.

The DSO will ensure that any changes are clearly communicated to staff, volunteers and the children/young people themselves.

We follow Ofsted’s guidance regarding staff training requirements, as follows. The DSO must undertake training to a standard set by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, which includes extended training in relation to working with multiple agencies.

Training must be refreshed at two-yearly intervals. The Lead Teacher and all permanent staff who have direct contact with students must undertake training, with refresher training at three-yearly intervals.

The Lead Teacher must undertake an annual review of the school’s policies and procedures relating to safeguarding students.

Our staff will be required to complete a minimum of level 2 Safeguarding training and an annual refresher course. This is in addition to other in-house safeguarding training undertaken throughout the year. Key staff will complete level 3 (with bi-annual refresher courses) as well as Safer Recruitment Training.

As part of Hebden Bridge Learning Community’s safer recruitment process, all current guidelines are followed in accordance with ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (DFE-00129-2015), DfE, 2015).

Interview panels for staff will consist of at least two people, one of whom must have undertaken Safer Recruitment training. All of the required safeguarding checks will be carried out on new recruits, including in relation to their identity and qualifications. Professional and character references will be obtained. Appropriate checks will also be carried out through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Ofsted’s guidance in relation to the Single Central Register (SCR) will be fully followed.


The Lead Teacher in charge of centre management, Nimrod Evron, is the DSO at Hebden Bridge Learning Community and is responsible for dealing with any safeguarding concerns. In his absence, Gemma Phelan, a member of staff and safeguarding trained, is also available.

The roles and responsibilities of the DSO are:

  • To ensure all new members of staff have read and signed a copy of the Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Policy.
  • To ensure that all staff are aware that safeguarding incidents could occur anywhere and they should be alert to possible concerns being raised in the school at any time.
  • To ensure that all staff, volunteers and directors are aware of what they should do and who they should go to if they have concerns that someone may be experiencing or has experienced abuse or neglect.
  • To ensure staff are aware that they may raise concerns directly to the LADO rather than the Lead Teacher or directly with MAST. (In Calderdale preferably with MAST first, see contact details page.)
  • To ensure that concerns are acted on, clearly recorded and referred to the relevant Social Care.
  • To follow up any referrals and make decisions on how to ensure the issues have been addressed.
  • To reinforce the utmost need for confidentiality and to ensure that staff and volunteers are adhering to good practice with regard to confidentiality and security.
  • To ensure that access to records by anyone other than the DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING OFFICER will be restricted to the absolute minimum and a record will be kept of who has access and when.
  • To ensure that staff and volunteers working directly with service users who have experienced abuse, or who are experiencing abuse, are well supported and receive appropriate supervision.
  • Not to disclose to a parent/carer any information held on a child if this would put the child at risk.
  • To ensure that any child who moves to a new school, their child protection records are forwarded onto the Designated Safeguard Lead at the new school in line with current Government guidance on their transfer and all due respect to the confidential nature of the information. If sent by post, they should be sent by signature post and a record of the pupil records transferred when and to whom kept for audit purposes. A receipt must be requested and received.
  • If a student is permanently excluded and moves to a Pupil Referral Unit, child protection records are forwarded on using similar techniques as above.
  • When a vulnerable young person is moving to Further Education, consideration should be given to the student’s wishes with regards to their child protection information being transferred.
  • When a DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING OFFICER leaves their position there should be a face to face handover of information with their successor and a record of this meeting must be kept. If this is not possible for whatever reason, the Lead Teacher will ensure the new post holder is correctly inducted into the position.
  • To co-operate with safeguarding investigations carried out under Hebden Bridge Learning Community’s Safeguarding Procedure.
  • To ensure that disciplinary procedures are co-ordinated with any other enquiries taking place as part of the ongoing management of any allegation.
  • To make themselves available to any member of staff who wishes to talk through any anxieties they may have and seek further support.



Specific Responsibility


Nimrod Evron

Gemma Phelan

Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead