Made to Measure One Day School

Come and join our wonderful one-day school on Thursdays.
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The students self-direct their way through our unique educational programme that integrates the mind and body into an interconnected, creative world of study.
With each child and parent we agree a personalised learning plan to determine how the student prefers to study inside and outside of the classroom.
All of our  bespoke cross-subject topics  prepare students for GCSEs.
Children are taught in one group of Key stage 3, aged between 8 and 13.
All of our teachers are highly-qualified, creative professionals. They are very  experienced with taking children from KS3 up to GCSEs and beyond.
Students do daily of yoga and meditation to enhance the capacity for learning and self-management.
Students participate in the democratic meetings, learning to find their voice and make decisions collectively.
The school day follows the timetable below, every Thursday.
Individually tailored tutoring hours are available on other days.
Students can be set homework. This is agreed between teachers, students and parents as part of a personalised learning plan. It is up to the students they do the homework.
Parents are free to take holidays with their children whenever they want.
Students can join the group at any time and will be charged pro-rata for the term (from when they join until the end of that term).
school camp will be scheduled in July 2018 for those who wish to come along.
Fees for 2017-18.
Spencer Stokes of the BBC 1 came to made a short report about us for Look North. The children had an interesting few hours, seeing from the inside how the news report are made. You can watch the clip here.
We also asked our students what they thought about the school. Click here to hear what they said and here to contact us.
The School Day
8:30     Register. PE inc Yoga* +Meditation
9:30     Cross-curricular topic** (CCT)
10:20     CCT
11:10     Break
11:30    School Democratic Meeting
12:15    Lunch
1:15     CCT
2:00     CCT
2:45     Break
2.55     CCT
3:40     Reflection + preparation for the following day.
4:00     Finish
* Yoga is a shorthand for any physical activity that is done mindfully so it could be martial arts, tai chi, capoeira, sports etc…
** Cross curricular topics last one half term so there will be 6 in total over the first year. They will blend English Literature, Science, History, Geography, Art, RE, Philosophy + Ethics, Citizenship, Music, Dance, Languages, ICT, Photography, Film-making, Presentation skills.
Like what you see but we are too far away from you? We can also come and set up  a one day a school in your area. Contact us for more details
An example of a Cross Curricular Topic
 Sugar and Slavery
Science: carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Molecules. The digestive system.
PSHE: addictions, health effects.
History: slave trade and linking sugar addiction and consumption to driving the
Music: the music of the slaves and its connection to rock and roll, soul, gospel, jazz and R&B
Human geography: economics of sugar and the processed food industry
Visit: The Tate Gallery Liverpool and Liverpool International Slavery Museum.
Art: represent what you have learnt and what it means to you.
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