International Summer Camp 2020

International Summer Camp

Once a year we hold an International Summer Camp for students from democratic communities and schools all around the world. It’s an opportunity to hang out with your existing friends, make new friendships, and have a lot of fun. The camps are organised by the students and teachers together. 

Morocco 2023

We’re planning to treck across the Sahara desert with a group of Berber nomads. We’ll spend 6 full days in the desert and learn loads about a totally different culture to our own. We’ll visit a nomad school ‘The Ecole Nomade in Boujhab’ and meet the children that go to school there. This is planned for April 2023. 

Summerhill 2022

This year we’ll be meeting up at the Summerhill Festival of Childhood. on Fri 5 Aug – Wed 10 Aug 2022 at Peakhill Farm in Suffolk, England. It’s going to be a huge event in the world of democratic education. Summerhill are celebrating their 100 year anniversary and also the European and World annual democratic education conferences are happening there at the same time

Our planned Summer Camp 2020 in the Netherlands was sadly cancelled due to Covid. 

Barcelona 2019

We spent a week at Ca’l Aulet Education Viva School on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona. We had students from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel and Spain. We enjoyed the beaches, went surfing and spent a day exploring Barcelona. 

Yorkshire 2018

A gorgeous week on the Yorkshire moors. We camped in a barn, sang under the stars, visited the historic city of York and had a great time. This year we were joined by students from the Netherlands, UK, USA, Israel and Thailand.