International Summer Camp 2020

International Summer Camp 2020

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  •  De Ruimte Democratic School, Soest, The Netherlands.
  • 4th-11th of August 2020.
Who for?
  • Students aged 12-18.
How many people?
  • 30-35 students from all over the world and 4-5 adults.
Who is organising this? How will we do it?
  • Together and democratically you bring and share your ideas and skills
  • We will pre-organize some activities but you will also have plenty of time to just do what comes out of the moment
  • Together we will do the cooking and take care of the house
  • You will be looking after yourself and taking care of others
  • English will be the main language, students need to have a good intermediate level at least.
 What happens during the day?
  • Communal start of the day at 10:00 am sharing the plans for the day and discussing practical issues
  • If you want to start the day by being mindful, join the yoga and meditation at 9:15 am or go walking in the hills
  • Activities organized by the students
  • Loads of time to socialize, talk, play games and go on hikes in the woods.
  • Preparing meals and cleaning up together

Are there any day trips?

  • Of course! We have organised two day trips one to Amsterdam and one to Utrecht where students are free to roam and explore the city.

How do I get there? 

You can fly to Schiphol airport and then get the train to the school that takes 1 hour 20 minutes, or you can get the train to Soest train station and then walk 15 minutes to the school.

If you want to come by car contact us for details at

What is the cost?

€380, this includes all accommodation food and excursions during the camp. If you want to pay in pounds please get in touch with us at the email address above.

(Travel insurance is not included in the price, students are recommended to have their own)

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