Fees for full-time students

Fees for full-time students

We are a small  paradigm-changing school showing that there exists another way to educate children. At the moment our  small,  innovative model does not qualify for governement funding, but we hope one day the government sees the value of what we are offering. In the meantime we have to try and fund it as best as we can which means inevitably asking for fees and looking for external funding too.

We will have no more than 20 children per year group at the school. The size allows everybody to get to know each other well, in a warm, friendly environment where nobody feels overawed and everybody is comfortable in their own skin. Being small allows the school to be democratically-run as everybody has a voice and can be heard in school meetings.

So our  initiative needs to be funded by fees or donors and sponsors.  Fees are currently set at £2,480  per term which are amongst the lowest in the country for a secondary independent school.

We are currently looking for funding, sponsorship and donations  from individuals and organisations that share our values for an education that is creative, soulful and democratic. Any money raised would be used firstly to help with the start-up costs and secondly to subside the fees. The fund for bursaries will come firstly from having enough full-time students and secondly from funds donated.

Parents  can also apply for grants using the “The Guide to Educational Grants”  There are a  huge variety of grants available to children from all sorts of backgrounds. We have a copy of the book for you to consult or you can inquire at your local library. There will be a means tested bursary of up to 33% for a small number of places. One place per year will be on a 90% bursary for special cases and is open to students who experience financial hardship.

The school is a charity, that is to say a non-profit making organisation and any surplus income will be reinvested into the school. The fees will cover the costs of the excellent holistic education the school offers and provide for the school’s development in the future.