Fees 2023-24

Fees 2023-24

Hebden Bridge Learning Community does not receive any funding from the government. We try our best to find a balance between keeping our fees as low as possible whilst wanting to ensure that our teachers receive a real living wage. We are registered with Ofsted as a childcare provider.

Our fees are set out below. For term dates, click here.

What's included?

Plenty! When a student joins our community they get much more than just the classes that they sign up for! We include:
  • Regular families circles.
  • Regular 1-to-1 mentoring.
  • Termly individual parent/teacher/student meetings.
  • Supportive teachers.
  • End of Summer term written reports.

Here are our fees for 2023/24. These are based on a 36-week year.

Tier 1: family income under £20,000 per annum/or receiving means-tested benefits.
Tier 2: family income £20,000 to £45,000 per annum.
Tier 3: family income over £45,000 per annum.


Our refundable deposit is payable on admission. The deposit is equivalent to 2 months fees if you pay over 10 months or 3 months fees if you pay over 12 months. The deposit payment can be spread over 3 monthly instalments. Read more 

Fees Information


We ask for a returnable deposit payable on admission. The deposit can be paid in monthly instalments over 3 months. This is held by us and returned once the child leaves the community. The deposit is 2 months of fees if you decide to pay over 10 months or 3 months of fees if you decide to pay over 12 months (see above table for details). Deposits are payable after acceptance through an interview thus guaranteeing a place. If the try-out does not result in the student joining our community, the deposit is returned. 


Under the our conditions from Sep 2020, 8 class-weeks notice is required to withdraw your child. Once you decide to join the community, after a try-out period, then we ask for 8 class-weeks paid notice when you finally leave. When you have fully paid up the fees after the notice, we return the deposit to you.The deposit is equivalent to 8 weeks fees. If you leave without giving notice, we would retain the whole deposit. For students who joined prior to Sep 2020, 12 weeks notice is required, as per the terms and conditions signed on entry. Please note that 8 class weeks notice is required at any time, including if your child wants to leave at the end of the summer term. 

Withdrawal for families who pay over 12 months

If you’re on the 12-month payment plan and your child leaves before the school year ends, we’ll calculate what you owe based on the weeks they attended, plus the required 8 weeks’ notice. You’ll owe more than 2 months’ worth of fees because the fees aren’t paid as sessions happen. You’ll still owe the portion of fees that would have been paid for July and August.

Withdrawal before starting

If you have reserved a place for your child in advance and your child has completed their try-out, but then you decide to withdraw, we will need you to let us know 8 weeks in advance of the planned start date. If not, we reserve the right to keep the deposit for expenses incurred. 

Try-out days

Students can try out the community for between 3 and 6 weeks before deciding whether they want to join us.

Taking a break

If students take a holiday during term time, we continue to charge fees. For long breaks, we need 8 weeks notice. In this case, we cannot guarantee the student’s place when they return. 

Interview Fee

We charge £40 to cover interview and administrational costs. 

  1. Some trips are organised to enhance learning and charged separately. 
  2. Fees and extras are subject to annual review.