Fees 2020-21

Fees 2020-21

Hebden Bridge School is a charity, which is not run for profit. We do not receive any funding from the government. We provide the best possible pricing to guarantee that we have the highly-qualified teachers necessary to deliver our unique, holistic, educational provision. We set further study for students to do many more hours of work if they so wish. For term dates click here, the fees are set out below.

The fees for 2020/21 based on a 36-week year.








Monthly x 10 months


14 weeks


12 weeks


10 weeks

Trial fee per week

1 day per week






2 days per week  (25% off 2nd day)






3 days per week  (25% of 2nd day and 43% off 3rd day)






  1. Some school trips are organised to enhance learning and charged separately. 
  2. Fees and extras are subject to annual review.