Dams and Democracy Taster, Sunday 28th February, Birchcliffe Centre

What would your ideal school be like?

What kind of rules would you have? How would you agree on these rules?  Our Democratic Workshop is your opportunity to find your voice and make it count.

Then after lunch we will make a leaky dam to help prevent flooding.

This will follow on from what we learnt about in our last taster.  So if you are new, just have a read about what we did here.

 Programme for the day:

10:15♦ Arrival

10:30 ♦ Yoga and meditation

11:00♦ Introduction to Democracy. What is it? Where does this idea come form?         How does it work in our society? Which organisations are democratic and which are not? What is a democratic school? What will ours be like? How will we communicate respectfully so everybody feels comfortable about speaking up and being listened to?

11:15♦  In groups, prepare to propose rules for our school. Do some research to back up your arguments. Could be about dress code, phone usage, behaviour, what sports to do, school trips etc.

11:45♦ Elect a Chair for the meeting. Propose rules to the school meeting. Discuss. Try to find a consensus about decision making, if there is no consensus, take a vote.

12:45♦ Hot organic vegetarian lunch.

1:15♦ Get changed and drive out to where we are making the leaky dam.*

1:30♦ Introduction to what we are going to do. Dividing into teams and then working together until 3:00 pm

2:30♦ Feedback session with parents.

3:00♦ Feedback with the children.

3:30♦ Finish

*Students will need to wear waterproofs, gloves and boots.