5-7yrs taster booking

This is for children aged 5-7yrs who want to try out our youngest group.

If your child is older and wants to try the Middle or Senior groups, you can book here 

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small setting with limited means. We cannot provide 1-1 support for children with SEN unless extra funding is available. In this case, please email us to discuss before booking a taster. 

Before you book a taster, please consider that while every child has their own strengths and challenges, for a successful transition into our learning community, we expect every child to:

– Be able to toilet themselves independently

– Follow simple instructions

– Follow safety instructions 

– Communicate their needs

– Hold a pencil and make marks

– Sit engaged for 10 minute-periods

– Be able to positively interact with peers

– Is keen to engage and participate in at least some of the learning activities.